Friday, May 20, 2005

A solution to the Blgroll Popularity thing/Closing Time

I think it was last week or thereabouts when I wrote at length on blogrolls and assorted opinions thereof. The one complaint -- and it is valid -- is that blogrolls and link lists are something of a popularity contest and a bid to "make friends and influence people". That is, you'd get a link for no other reason than you linked to someone. The arguement was made that a person should actually POST about the sites he or she likes, in a thoughtful way, and let that stand.

Someone's been doing that for a while. Buzz over at Buzzstuff was on long term hiatus last time I checked, so he fell off my list (I try not to list non-posting sites). But he's back, and he's doing the Blog If Forward thing he started a long time ago. It's kinda like a meme, only more of a youyou, and I've always thought it was a great idea for , those folks who INTEND to write about other sites and recommend them, but just never quite get around to it. For those of you who hate memes, it isn't the typical meme (or Friday 5 or Tuesday Two or whatever the hell) because the whole purpose is to get you to do something you kinda wanna do anyway.

Yeah, it can still be seen as a popularity contest, but you actualy have to make with the sweet nothings in public.

So, in any case, I'll be making a return to BIF as soon as I return home. Everything is in the car but the laptop and me. Still got one more workshop -- my story, hopefully last, because at this point I've heard all about it I can stand and I know what I can and should do with it.

I think this was a good experience. I don't know if I feel differently about myself as a writer, but I feel a little better about my writing. I now see the value of an MFA program as something more than just a credential (I get this piece of paper and I wear it on my chest because it says you should publish me, d'uh!). So, now, there's that to put on my plate. It's going to be a busy summer.

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