Monday, May 16, 2005

So I'm here

So, I'm here. The drive up was uneventful, except in mild ways -- mildly lost at a weird crossing, mildly distressed I would run out of gas on a lonely stretch of highway, mildly surprised at my own inner racist when i stopped for gas, mildly annoyed that the streets around the college have no or insufficient street signs. Still, I made it in good time, got settled in, and everything went along unexceptionally.

It's a rather sparten dorm room, but not bad. Tile floor, white walls, wheelchair accessible wide doors that always seem to swing the wrong way, beds lofted just high enough to get a short dresser beneath -- easy enough to get into, a little problematic getting out of. The one tall, narrow window in the room has a low and bright street light just outside it. When I shut off the lights last night, the room was flooded brightly with stripy halogen light, completely overpowering the blind. I hung my robe up to inadequately cover the window and managed to sleep. I'll find that Wal-Mart (you know there is one, and it's near Flannery O'Conner's famous home, no less) and get a tension rod and some fabric to fix that up.

Still no idea about the workshop. It seems almost lax -- class in the morning, then optional things all the rest of the day. No assignments, workingshopping one story each. Not sure what I think, so I'm setting myself up a mild regimen. And I plan to read. I brought a ridiculous number of books with me, not that I expect to read them all, but that I wanted what would suit my mood.

I can feel the strangemess of the bed and the lights and the sounds. I am awake all too early, although I did get to sleep reasonably fast once I took care of the light problem.

Well, time to plunge into the day to see what happens to me.

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