Sunday, May 22, 2005

More BIF - New Reading

I said I'd talk about some of the new-to-me sites I've found lately. I've run across a group of "So Not-me" sites, sites that delve into areas distant, if not physically, then metaphorically, from my life, yet intriguing to me non-the-less. (I'll have to follow up this with the "So Like Me" set, and that may piss off more people...)

Club Life. I've mentioned this one before and I'm still enthused. The club bouncer is prone to stereotypes, and while the brawny guy with brains is yet another stereotype (or counter-stereotype), a bouncer articulate and funny enough to write about his experiences as well as this weblog is written just adds to the general "What the fuck?" I get here. This is so far removed from my personal experience that it might as well be fiction, and written well enough that I really don't care one way or the other. I think fiction requires better writing than non-fiction, since the non-fiction writer can always fall back on "but it's the truth! That's what happened!" Let me not get into theories of fiction and non-fiction here, either; I don't have the credentials...

Because I like it so damn much that I started at the first archive I could find and have been reading forward in order, I also feel rather free to make a negatively critical comment. There's a little web-app in the sidebar that, from what I could tell when I clicked through, keeps track of how many people are reading the site at any time. All well and good, but the text is apparently user-optional and I'm not comfortable being refered to as a 'jerkoff on the dance floor' because I read this person's weblog. First, why do I need to give time and attention to someone so openly contemptuous of me simply because I dare read a publicly posted weblog? I mean, why post if you don't want anyone to read? I suspect it may be some kind of male bonding humor, or an aspect of the particular sports oriented banter occasioned between men, and is fine between friends or working acquaintances, but it's lost on me (being female and a stranger to the writer). Maybe it's the whole Groucho Marx thing. Second, it makes me wax philosophical about attitudes (in this case, occasionally antagonistic) of weblog writers toward weblog readers and the reverse and no one needs me to start waxing ANYTHING. At least, I can save it for another post.

The only things this weblog needs, really, is a good editor and a book deal. Honest.

Celebrity Trash. I am not a follower of fashion or trends. I watch E! only rarely (usually due to a high fever) and I know more about movie stars from the 40's than about anyone recently on the radar. I scan the headlines of the tabloids while waiting for my Cornflakes to be rung up and that's about it.

Nevertheless, I harbor that secret, dark curiousity about what's REALLY going on in the trailers and condos of the well-known and well-supplied. That's why I have a fondness for this late discovery. Mella has been around, I'm certain, doing her thing for some time now. It isn't the particular news she pulls up, or the people she skewers. It's how honestly she does it. I think I like that best. No matter how sharp the blade of truth she stabs at the silicon breasts of popular culture, she reminds us that, in reality, she's just a little jealous. I can identify with that. I like it. She sets a tone where we can all diss whatever and whomever she writes about, and we all know we are a little jealous, but that doesn't spoil the fun!

The only negative I can come up with is sometimes the photos she finds and posts are just...they haunt me. I have to brain purge afterwards. That Pamela Sue Anderson one....erk! My eyes!

Temporary Trouble Spots. Sort of a "like me/not like me" site. I can't even begin to explain what I mean by that, so you'll have to work it out for yourself. Between razor sharp rants at modern culture (and his own participation in it) and some gut wenching revelations of personal truth, I alternately laugh (in a carefully controlled, non-spit-ejecting way) and weep (artistically, so as not to offend). The writing attracts me, because it is, again, almost fiction level perfect (ok, he's got a comma problem. That's what editors are FOR...) and the humor is the particular blend of absurdity, dry wit and broad comedy that makes me think of Monty Python and David Sedaris.

Complaints? His shoes are better than mine. Oh, he struggles, as do many weblog writers, with not saying enough about some things and saying too much about others, trying to find that line of balance, and sometimes he raises the walls of self protection very high. I sense the more interesting stuff, the really engaging stuff, is just out of reach behind the curtain. There are factors in that I accept, and I also think that time and practice will help him solve those conundrums.

OK, those are my three for now. I've determined to go through the entire blogroll over there, three and four at a time, and tell each and every one of the 10 people reading this why I have that particular site on that particular list. It's a project.

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