Thursday, May 26, 2005

Let's talk about "Blogs" - a by-no-means exhaustive list of links

It takes no time at all to learn I'm fascinated by how people communicate, and in particular, in how they use tools like the Internet to communicate. I've stared at my own bloggy navel often enough here, and it's a popular past time throughout the Blogosphere (oh save me, I'm using jargon now!) Some recent reading has made me curious, and so I present to you...

The Evil that Blogs Do

Most of these linked articles and entries have further links. I've only explored a portion and some are old and gone now. I have divided them into some (admittedly shaky) catagories.

The "Blaise Cronin" article and rebuttals

Dean's Notes: BLOG: see also Bathetically Ludicrous Online Gibberish
Gresham’s Law and the Blogosphere
I Speak of Dreams: Blaise Cronin thinks I'm Publishing Sententious Drivel
Why Do We Blog?
Blaise Cronin, Gormangate Wannabe
Blogs: Moving the Bait

Weblogs and Business

Blogs Gone Bad: The Darker Side of the Blogging Boom
Secret CIO: Beware The Blog In Your Company's Future
Why blogs could be bad for business
Why Blogs Are Bad For Your Business

Bad Blogging Practices

Blogs Gone Bad
Blogs With Bad Vibes
When Blogging Goes Bad: A Cautionary Tale About Blogs, Email Lists, Discussion, and Interaction

Unclassified Weblog Evil

A blog on blogs
When the Spam Hits the Blogs
Newspaper Blogs a Bad Idea
See why blogs make bad TV
Blogs Are Bad For Children... Again.. And Again...
The Anti-Blog
Why your Movable Type blog must die
Shel Holtz: Stop Defining Blogs
In praise of blogs
Good Weblogs/Bad Weblogs
better writing through blogging?

There are a lot more opinions out there, most of which (after a skim off the top under different search criteria) break down into "Blogs are bad"/"blogs are good"/"Blogs just ARE"/"You just don't understand!"/"Eh?". I think I'm moving into the "Eh?" catagory myself, but it's been interesting reading!

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