Monday, May 02, 2005

I'm Not Sleeping

Quarter to one on a Monday. Not sleeping. No particular reason why, but I tried for about 45 minutes and gave up. Now I'm listening to NAPSTER play The Chemical Brothers tracks I have semi-sorta downloaded, playing computer Solitaire games (the kind that use multiple packs of cards and you could never actually play with REAL cards) and browsing the web, waiting to see if I'll get sleepy.

Oh, big hunky THANKS to Solonor for fixing my archives. Most of the things people say about him aren't true, except for the five or six that are.

I have me no idea why I like The Chemical Brothers so much. I do. I'm just trying to decide which album to actually buy (I like liner notes, which you don't get when you download). I don't look like the kind of person who'd listen to The Chemical Brothers or Massive Attack. In fact, I suspect that if the people who put themselves in charge of such things had a say, I would not be ALLOWED to listen to them. First, I don't dance, and this is, first and foremost, dance music. Second, I don't listen to it at Brainmelting volume. I decided many years ago that if you have to feel the music via the physical reverberation through your chest, you can't really feel the music anyway. (go on, send hate mail, see if I care).

Oh, and in other things completely wrong for me, I found this over here, so it's all her fault, and I'm pretty sure I'm too white and middle aged, but I don't really care. What's really funny is that even when I did this, it sounds so Middle America Attempting Trendy that I laugh and wince at the same time. I've got the wrong vocabulary for the street, apparently.

I'm keeping one of the cats awake, apparently. He keeps coming into the room, looking at me, then looking toward the bedroom. I can see him tapping his imaginary wristwatch and shaking his head at me. I mean, he's supposed to be draped across one of my legs right now, completing his essential 23 hours a day of sleep -- or starting on tomorrow's crucial sleep allotment. I'm not sure. One more game of solitaire, and I'll go in and shove him over.

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