Thursday, May 26, 2005

Clogging it up for Respected Academicians

Ah, how I do love links. The conversation about weblogs, their purpose (or lack thereof), and particular irritations arising from them has wound in a new-to-me direction (via Lazygal).

Did you realize that all these weblogs (especially you evil, narcissistic, puppy-picture-posting LiveJournalers) are clogging up the important internet searches of important academic types with our trivia, uninformed opinions, and other detritus?

I should have guessed it from viewing my referral list. school exam%22 torture wookies&btnG=Search talking to strangers

(the Lizzy Bordon Sex Video one has me creeped out completely. Obviously a person of great academic authority....erg...I need to bathe in Hydrogen Peroxide now...)

On a less mocking note, I can sort of see the point. The Internet was supposed to be the "Information Highway" (can barely type that without cringing) and so it has become -- complete with junk food, tourist traps, side shows, tittie bars, and everything else our nation's highways can offer. Obviously a lot of people want that sort of thing (I consider myself to be a small town, franchise "Arby's" equivalent, to extend the metaphor way too far.)

It might even be worthwhile to collect a list of all the vile things Weblogs do to muck up the Internet...I mean, why contribute to the cause if you don't know what your contribution is doing to spoil the lives of others?

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Lazygal said...

"They" said the same thing about radio and tv - it was primarily an educational venue and, well, look at what it's become.

My referral list has a lot of "[book title] cliffs notes" because of my quarterly posts From Mt. Bookpile. Nothing that totally creeps me out, thank the gods. It's a pity that there isn't a way to metatag blogs to differentiate between information, opinion and personal blogs!