Saturday, April 09, 2005

Thoughts while waiting for the NiQul to kick in

The fanbreath is annoying me.

If it's annoying me enough to call it "fanbreath" then I should get my lazy ass up and turn the fan off. If I can't do that, my lazy ass is lobbying for its own zip code.

Why does the word "yakatori" make me think of someplace to buy yaks? Why does changing it to "yickitori" make me want to laugh? Is "yakatori" even a real word, because if it is, I'll bet its Japanese and it isn't the least bit funny. Now I have to go look.

It's Chicken on a Stick and I misspelled it. Yahoo likes "yakitori" better. I was still wrong. It is funny. Of course, that also explains "yickitori". My internal spell check may not work well, but it tries.

I miss the old style plastic measuring cups that used to come with NiQuil. They were hard and carefully marked and made you feel guilty for throwing them away. Of course, since no one remembered to wash them, they also had green gunk crystalized in the bottom for all eternity. But, if you are taking NiQuil, it's hard to care. You start slugging it straight from the bottle after a while anyway.

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