Saturday, April 09, 2005


Yahoo! News - Jews, Mormons to Meet Over Baptisms

On one hand, being a former member of one group and having had a close association with the other, and now standing where I do as an avowed member of neither, this is just dumb. My own belief system says those who have died will continue on their paths absolutely outside the control or intervention of any living person.

On the other, I think it's just plain rude to the living. I believe (as a former member) that the Church of Latter Day Saints is a very successful cult, just like all religions start out or can be termed as cults. They emphasize separating one's self from others who are not members of the cult (big red arrow) among other things (much like Orthodox sects of Jews do, for that matter). But it takes a very special sense of entitlement to insult living people by "converting" their dead relatives to your belief system, saying, in effect, "your religious beliefs are so wrong and ours are so right that even your dead relatives are changing over to our way."

Almost like they are accusing Jewish mothers of wearing combat boots, kinda sorta.

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