Thursday, April 21, 2005

Old Pictures

Yah, yah, as usual late on a trend, I spent a little time roaming through the Satellite Photos on Google Maps. I located where I work. Beyond that area, toward my house, they do not have the very close up photos, so it's all blurry.

But what I noticed whiel looking was that the photo is over 8 months old. Yup, it's an OLD satellite photo. Outdated.

You see, the facility where I work sits alone on some acreage and has many trees around it. After last September's block buster hurricane season, several of the trees nearest the building came down and were removed. Those trees are all still in evidence in the photos. Also, at least 8 months ago, but possibly closer to a year, the "country airport" -- smaller, private plane hangers -- was dismantled for reconstruction and has been significantly altered. That isn't in the photo either. Nor is the new Home Depot opened about 4-5 months ago above Apopka. It DOES show the new toll road connection, so the pictures aren't more than 2 years old. However, there are also a number of lakes showing very low water levels, some completely dry. So I'm thinking the photos might be as old as a year, maybe a little more, since we had a fairly wet year last year and most of the lakes are near normal levels now.

It is discouraging. From the talk and bother, I'd thought these were, if not real time, at least reasonably up-to-date. They are part of Google Maps and everything after all, and supposedly you can locate businesses and addresses and such. Yah, it's kinda neat and fun, but it's just a bunch of old pictures to me now.

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