Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Morning After

Technically the Afternoon after, thanks to DST. I really hate that.

Anyway, last night's concert went on fine and as usual, "as usual" meaning lots of teeny drama and no major drama. We have a lot of people out for sickness and family issues, so some sections are a little shaky. Ah well.

I suppose I could make a big story out of that -- my ensemble is missing a person, another is missing two, lots of us are standing next to people we didn't stand next to in rehearsal, etc. -- but not only do I not FEEL a lot of concern about this, I can't even work up enough to moan about it. Feh. The show goes on, blah blah blah.

My throat feels indifferently uncooperative, which is a little worrisome. My voice has a griding, groaning sound in it. Ah well.

I was awakened from a deep dreaming sleep by a random voice seemingly calling my name. It sounded a little like Husband, only I couldn't figure out where he was. I woke, and actually checked my cell phone (we have that direct connect walkie-talkie thing -- we call it "tweedling" because of the alert noise it makes when you press the button) but that wasn't it. Turns out Husband was sitting quietly in the living room and someone outside was calling, we think, a dog. It was already moving into afternoon, thanks to DST, so I didn't go back to bed. I feel drugged, listless, indifferent, uninspired. Ah well.

5 hours until we leave. Must Find Energy, Voice, and a Desire to Stay Awake between now and then.

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