Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I've got them. AGAIN. Sore throat, stuffy ears, and this time my digestive system is getting in on the fun. Oh. Joy. Yay.

I'm blaming this on turning 40. I mean, yeah, I've never been the healthiest of individuals, but this year has been ridiculous. Out of the first 4 months, I've managed to be sick -- really, grossly, obviously sick -- in 3 of them, for periods of at least 7 days at a time. What the hell is going on? I protest!

It's got to be some sort of subversive plot, only I can't think of anyone in particular who would be plotting against me. Of course, those are the very people you have to watch for, the ones you don't think would do anything bad to you. The ones you trust the most are the ones you can't really trust because who is in a better position to be really sneaky and spy-ish than someone you don't even suspect? I mean, it's never the one you suspect, so you should suspect the one you don't suspect, right?

Dropped my duckie again. Ooops.

It is officially beautiful weather outside, which is why I am looking at it through a window. Officially beautiful is a touch too warm and too bright for my comfort. However, I have no fear. Tomorrow is supposed to be quite stormy. They even expect hail. Woo hoo.

If this coughing sore throat thing continues, I'll sleep through all of it. Damn germs.

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