Saturday, April 30, 2005

Archives? I have archives?

Discovered -- well, I'd suspected it all along -- that the archives over there don't work. Don't know why. *I* think they should work. There's obviously a code problem and what I know about HTML can be listed with minimal typing. So, I put in a help email to Blogger. Those nice people, I expect, will tell me it's my own fault and to deal with it, but they will tell me this very nicely, because they are nice people, after all.

*Sigh* So, I'm putting out an emergency call to the HTML savvy amongst you. Yes, I've cut-n-pasted the appropriate code into the appropriate place, using what Blogger gave me, and that ain't working (that's how I got it to show as a long, spaced list instead of a cluster of links). It LOOKS right to me, but then, so does my car when it won't run.

It's all in knowing what to look for. Feh. So, if you've got advice....

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