Saturday, March 12, 2005

Permanent Enthusiasms

It's an open secret that I'm a huge Tori Amos fan. I just got her latest album, The Beekeeper , and I've been listening to it constantly since it went into the stereo. (her last two releases did not garner this kind of treatment, surprisingly enough.)

I'd swear she's read "The Secret Life of Bees" before working on this project.

Anyway, I'm all full of enthusiasm for this album. My favorites so far are "Toast", "Driving to Ireland", and "Sleeps with Butterflies", but I actually haven't found a song I DON'T like, or even have a less-than-enthusiastic reaction to. OK, it's arty and conceptual. It doesn't set off my "load of pretension" alarms. I don't even mind the complete lack of punctuation :> Music can often get by without it. I love, love, love this album and intend to listen to it excessively.

Which means, of course, Husband will simply hate this one :> Well, he might like "Goodbye to Pisces". And possibly "Martha's Foolish Ginger". Maybe "The Power of Orange Knickers"....the titles alone are enough to either make you recoil in confusion or open your arms wide.

In a sideswipe of mild negative coincidence which isn't actually irony, she's in concert in Orlando on the same weekend the OGC is performing, so there's no way I could go, even if I felt like fighting for it. I'm so NOT a rock/pop concert attendee -- too much noise, too many people, and the particular joys of seeing a performer and hearing the music live are offset and often ruined by the behavior of the crowd and the painful volume of the sound system. So I'll just wave that way on that day, and give my respects to Ms Amos.

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