Monday, March 14, 2005

A Moment of Eye Rolling

Warning -- A rant follows which is bound to offend SOMEONE, although I'd think by now anyone who'd be offended would be off watching wrestling or somehting.

Yahoo! News - Judge Says Calif. Can't Ban Gay Marriage

What makes my stomach hurt isn't the idea of gays marrying -- line 'em up and register 'em already, sheesh, is it that hard? -- but that some people feel their personal beliefs and way of life are so threatened by the actions of others that they have to maginalize and legislate and...that this, kind of nit picking has to go on at all.

If two men or two women get married and have a family, it has NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH MY MARRIAGE. People who have "open marriages" have NOTHING to do with my marriage. People who get divorced, or live together without that recognition from the state, or who think they married Elvis HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH MY MARRIAGE. As far as the "state" is concerned, marriage is a method of controlling property, collecting taxes, keeping track of statistics, and distributing resources. That's it. That's how it SHOULD be, dammit all!

Those who have moral or religious objections -- and there are fine people who just can't reconcile the ideas, no matter how much you point out things Biblical, and that's ok, everyone has to find their own path to Heaven -- are entitled to NOT GET MARRIED TO A PERSON OF THE SAME SEX IF THEY DON'T WANT TO. But that's ALL they are entitled to. They should not be forced or required to do so. Their religious organization does not have to perform the ceremony, provide a blessing, or sanctify the union if they see doing so as a problem, and I find I disagree with those people who feel opposite to that.

You can't MAKE anyone respect you, trust you, love you, or buy you ice cream. That's the truth in this world. But once you've set up a rule and said that "everyone is equal under the law", you don't get to put "This Gender Only" or "This Religion Only" or any other such statement on top of it. That runs counter to "everyone is equal under the law".

I think it's important to note that, not only are so many things we think "have always been" HAVEN'T always been in all places everywhere for all time, but tended to arise from one small place at one small time among one small group. Every tradition was once a new idea and things people thought were carved in stone have crumbled and become useless ideas. So let's try to stick to the ideas that do last -- that things which bring people together, which allow them to be happy and contribute to the growth and health of the group as a whole, even amid differences, are the things we need to preserve. All the effort spent on denying gay rights could be put toward practicing acceptance, love and tolerance.

Ok, I think I've gotten my eyes back in the right position.

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