Friday, March 04, 2005

Almost post Argh

Not quite well yet. About 2 days of fairly high fever which made really sleeping difficult even with drugs, and since that broke I've been sleeping almost around the clock.

The cats do their best to discourage this by crowding onto the bed. It's a little hard to imagine that even 6 cats can make a queen sized bed crowded -- only two of them are particularily large cats -- but they do. Husband has given up the bed entirely and has been sleeping on the couch, since the cats refuse to leave me. Well, and he doesn't want this crud, although I think he already has it. But he also has Iron Man Immune System. In AD&D terms, my friends say my "con is less than 13".

Feh. Anyway, I've done a lot of sleeping, which involved a lot of fever- and drug-induced dreaming, very little of which I can remember, except for some weird Star Trek-esque one about a woman (not me -- I was just watching) being left behind on some secret military base on a planet while the Enterprise took everyone else off the base just before having to leave to escape detection. She was supposed to be the last one out and she didn't make it, and she went into this whole thing about being left behind, and she only had about 24 hours before the air ran out, etc. There was drama, and they did come back for her, but it really WAS like an episode of the show (NextGen style). I remember it pretty clearly in part because she was inside a crawl space operating a sort of elevator to get everyone out, and the elevator was JUST like the one I'd seen on TV during a show about the St. Louis Arch.

What did people dream about before tv and movies?

I know I'm not quite well yet because the Husband, in his ongoing attempts to cheer me, brought me a lovely Lindt Excellence Extra Fine Dark Chocolate bar last night and I haven't even peeled off the foil yet. This is 70% cocoa and the ingredient list is only 4 items long -- all of which I can pronounce. This is amazing chocolate, folks, and I'm IGNORING It. It's just sitting on my desk, staring at me. Interestingly enough, this chocolate bar contains 3 grams of protein and 10% of the US RDA for Iron in each fatty, delicious serving, and even now I don't feel like eating any.

I also dreamed about kissing John Cleese, about a cage of lovely little birds that became invisible, and about a house numbering problem that I still don't quite understand, but about which I knew exactly what to do in the dream.

Back in the real world, Cooljerk is telling us all about the mysteries of Lost and Found on the Japanese Train system, which is kinda interesting. He's also feeling unappreciated, so do me a favor and go appreciate him. He's Canadian, so he's less likely (as far as I can tell) to get all defensive if some strange woman asks equally strange (as in unknown, not weird, although you can be that, too, if it makes you happy) to go read him, like a pity campaign. Then again, he might. It's hard to tell in the blogging world -- are you a hit whore, or one of the proud and lonely unread?

My ears are stopped up. Must be nap time. I mean, geez, I've been awake almost an hour.

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