Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Watching the Dalai Lama on TV

Another in a long line of obvious truths I hadn't thought about arrived today.

Humans -- as individuals, as groups, as nations -- will blithely do to other humans, groups and nations all manner of things they would not tolerate, understand, or allow to be done to themselves.

The reason is, I think, our lust for power and our deep fear of being powerless in relation to something else. Even if we have only experienced powerlessness in the most universal ways -- not getting our way all the time, facing weather or natural events -- we fear in our depths the idea that we could be powerless, and so we seek power for ourselves at the expense of others, as if this will somehow make us safe and immune.

It doesn't, but the breakdown in logic is hidden in denial.

Ya hear me, George?

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