Friday, February 25, 2005

Very Modern

It's a wonderful thing when one travels 12 hours to a convention in Roanake and to check into the Holiday Inn and discover -- tada! -- FREE WIFI THAT COVERS THE WHOLE HOTEL.

No, I mean, really. This is a trip making event. No fighting over Husband's cell phone for crappy dial up just good enough to run credit cards. No having to wait to go back to the room to run a cord to run credit cards. No long boring hours when no one much is in the dealer's room. No CoH withdrawel.

I can write this while in my booth, watching people walk by and not purchase anything. (Actually, for the first day, sales have been wonderful. For the first day. We've paid for the space in the room. Now we have to pay for the hotel, and at least part of the gas for the drive. After that, we start into repaying capital and THEN we get to profit. I'd no idea business was so complicated).

We've seen all manner of semi-famous people. Tim Hildebrandt stood talking to L.E. Modesitt and David Drake in Evil Book Lady's booth next to ours. No doubt John Ringo will wander by at some point. Sharon Lee and Steve Miller have wandered over to discuss the difficulties of living in Maine and Florida. It's been pretty good. For a first day.

(dropping all those names is just plain, evil fun. Can't help it. None of them know me from Eve, and probably never will, but it's still fun.)

And without the very modern WIFI, you'd never even know.

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