Monday, February 07, 2005

My blue bracelet

I am currently wearing a large blue rubberband around my left wrist. It is a little brighter than baby blue, a little whiter than electric blue, and has limited stretch. The rubber band is embossed with little lollipop stick figures holding hands. On the inside, it says "Save the Children" and "Made in China" and has a 7-11 logo.

It's for tsunami relief. Some portion of my 2.95 is being sent for that. I'm wearing the blue rubber band.

I don't quite know why I'm wearing it. No one has asked about it -- such rubber bands in various symbolic colors are everywhere now, reminding me a little of the 80s and the Madonna-wanna-be girls at school in their torn lace and black rubber gasket bracelets. People are supporting service personnel in Iraq, breast cancer, cancer research, and a whole host of other charitable or civic ideas. Some places are selling them in every color without a symbolic attachment.

Perhaps I am harboring a belief that in wearing it I am inspiring good things for the tsunami victims. I've taken it off once or twice, but only for a minute. I've slept with it and showered with it. I'm not wearing my weddng ring right now (swollen fingers) but I'm wearing my rubber band.

Husband is also wearing one. We are united in our symbolic emptiness.

I guess it means I gave a buck to those in need, and two bucks to corporate America. Nice to know where my priorities are.

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