Monday, February 14, 2005

The Haul

Three books on writing. One book on the art of Japanese Rope Bondage (it's got great bookshelf shock value and the pictures are...interesting). Two CDs. Bottles of wine, all drunk at the party (which is just fine). Another cat figurine for my collection. A beautiful rose gold ring. Lovely earrings. Chocolate (Lindt Truffles!). TWO -- count 'em! -- TWO Amazon Gift Certificates which have been converted into DVDs and books that are winging their way to me even as I type.

I am loved.

In other news, I'm still working on this...*sigh*...somehow embarrassing project. I might as well confess and lose any credibility I have, as if I ever had any. I'm writing a comic book. Yeah, yeah, I know, shut up. It's probably a manga style book, probably 12 issues, possibly 24. I've run it by an artist friend who's been doing the comic thing for a while and he says the script is tight, very clear, and the story is good.

It's still a story. I'm writing. It is much harder in some ways than writing regular fiction. Instead of writing exposition and narration, I'm describing scenes to an artist. Rather than prosing about the nuance of voice and emotion, facial expression and body language, I have to convey that to someone else so they can DRAW it. And my dialog gets a lot less wiggle room. Dialog has to be as realistic as print can stand. Happily, comics allow much more natural speech, since sound effects are built in.

Now I'm faced with a new problem. I have to find an artist. My friend has too many projects right now to even consider asking him (although his style is fairly close to what I envision). So I have to talk strangers. About this thing I'm doing that I've got no clue about. And I need an artist with very specific views and abilities, with a manga inspired artstyle that is a little more realistic than most Manga manages (I don't mind the cartoon simplification of the bodies, but I would like proportions and expressions to be a little more complex).and a willingness to work on a project with no guarantee of return, with a writer who is admittedly picky and specific (although perfectly willing to work through, look up photo references, explain, enhance, draw diagrams...I'd tap dance if I knew how.)

Me gots no idea how me gots here.

I'm freaking 40, aren't I? Isn't that supposed to be too old for starting this shit?

Feh. I defy.

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