Friday, February 04, 2005

Cold Comfort

Isn't this comforting? Let us not take an option off the President's plate, by all means! The leader of a country should always have the ability to attack another country, as long as he can get that thin sliver of voter approval called "a mandate". After all, he managed to convince us that protesting his actions is Anti-American, didn't he?

As Husband says, "That woman has severe foot-in-mouth disease. We can't really hear her because she's chewing on her toes." Although I doubt any of those thoughts are actually hers.

We've always been a nation of somewhat stubborn, even mule-headed people (I suspect because, as a nation of immigrants, only the stubborn would leave their homeland to come here and make a life). Like so many other nations when they reached a peak of power, we've taken on a certain "divine right" attitude (although that idea is so 18th century, it still pops up).

I've said it before, I'll say it again. The man I didn't vote for who lives in the White House scares me deeply, and I don't think he gives a tinker's damn that so many people in this nation did NOT vote for him.

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