Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Agony of the Woman in the Booth

There are good things and bad things about doing any convention dealer's room. Some are different from show to show. Others are redundantly the same.

Good things about this show have been the guests. Lots of writers, lots of interesting things being talked about.

Bad things. Long hours. I mean, LONG hours. Noise level of the room is like being on an airplane -- steady hum rising to roar status, the kind that prevents concentration on ANYTHING, the kind that sucks out your will to live. Another dealer with a set of "Crystal" singing bowls or chakra bowls he will play occasionally just to show them off. The noise, done properly in the right setting, can be pleasant and soothing. Coming out of nowhere at odd times in a noisy room, the pitch is peircing and makes me think Aliens are using a mind control device.

Otherwise, the weekend hasn't been fantastic, but tolerable. The hotel room is clean and quiet. We've foraged for food successfully. We haven't lost our parking spots (a real problem, actually). Sales have not been as good as we would like, but that's also typical. We are hoping for a last minute buying rush. We haven't covered costs yet, which is a nervous situation.

Oh, and there's a snow storm expected for tonight and tomorrow. We leave tomorrow morning. It looks like it may follow us down. Wheeeeeee.....

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