Saturday, January 29, 2005

Shopping Therapy

The Husband and I went bookshopping today. Rather, we went manga shopping to pick up whatever I could find on this series -- Tokyo Babylon -- that I'm reading. The last two books aren't out yet, but I picked up #5, and then got tempted by Legal Drug (which has three others in the series so far, two of which are translated but not available via Amazon...oh lords of light, what have I gotten into?) and another series, Angel Sanctuary, that was my first venture into manga. I picked up the art book a few years ago -- it was really stunning -- but the OVA (I don't know what that means, actually, except it's a video, usually episodic, based on the Manga, which may or may not have anything to do with the Manga's storyline itself) was truly awful and I couldn't finish watching it.

Complicated, isn't it?

Well, I picked up a few other things, too. A book on Klimt that was on sale, another Heyer novel, the new Alison Krause CD, and two boxes of Tarot cards for my collection. I'm not really a big Tarot Card person, I just like the artwork on some of them. It rather pleases me to get such a lot of artwork like that, all in a particular style. I store them in photo albums so I can look at them. Sometimes they are good for inspiring ideas. Many times an artist will reinterpret the Tarot, which is also interesting.

I'd be listening to the Alison Krause right now -- I heard it while it was playing in Barnes & Noble, and knew her voice -- but I was listening to A Prairie Home Companion and now Echoes, and so haven't really had a listening lull.

Right now I am contemplating some writing. Husband was on an outcall and is still an hour out of the house. The dog is content to lay on the floor behind me, and every cat I've seen is sacked out. This might be the moment.

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