Saturday, January 29, 2005


Last night was "Scottish Night" at our local bookstore/bistro. One of our area liminaries is a bagpiper and a nice guy. Mt. Dora is "sister cities" with Forres, Scotland, and it's a pretty serious thing, with a student exchange program and a "Robby Burns Dinner" and all.

In any case, Husband was eager for a change to wear his Utilikilt yet again, so I pulled on some clothes (including a nice "plaid-esque" shawl a friend bought me in Ireland some years back, over one shoulder in proper style) and we went. We ate dinner, talked to friends -- it was a fine time. I added more books to my "lay away"s tack -- I wander around and pile up books that go on a shelf and I buy them a few at a time. Bagpipes (Both Highland and smaller "Chamber" pipes) were played, many a creaky Scottish joke was told, some songs were sung, and some poetry read. It's one of those odd events, so common in Mt. Dora, where most of the people there are either over 50 or under 30, with a scattering of folks in the middle.

Technically we don't live in Mt. Dora. Technically, we live across the highway in Eustis. However, Eustis, despite much effort, has a dead downtown area that is actually a further drive away. One day, we aspire to move across the highway and actually BE in Mt. Dora. Such lofty dreams...

My life is settling into its usual quiet groove, nothing much going on, nothing of great importance to consider. My current indulgence is reading a particular Manga series, Tokyo Babylon. I'm up to book 4, and I will probably go hunting books 5 and 6 this weekend because I Just Gotta Know. I am sometimes puzzled by the things I find interesting

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