Tuesday, January 04, 2005

D Minus 5

I'm packing and ironing and sorting and packing and making lists and checking them twice and packing. We leave on Sunday, after all, and Saturday is booked solid. Everything that can be together must be together on Friday. Surprisingly enough, that means most everything should be packed up by Thursday so we have a whole two days for last minute stuff and "Oh, I almost forgot."

A nice guy from Sears came out today, and for a measley $226 dollars, repaired my dryer. There are slightly damp jeans tumbling right now. Apparently the lint pipe (don't ask, I don't know) is stocked full of enough lint to cover the Third World's lint needs for a month solid. This is Bad (I used to read a weblog that was famed for an article on dryer lint...I wonder where that one went?). So we are paying someone else about $100 to come on Friday, attach a giant vacuum hose to that lint pipe, and suck it all out. For safety, I will have the cats locked in the back room. The dog is big enough to fend for herself.

Since these combined charges about equal what we paid for the dryer in the first place, Husband and I have decided next time we will just get a new dryer. As for this lint pipe thing, it's just one more stupid design flaw in this house. There are several. Most are just dumb, and considering this house is about 12 years old, there isn't much excuse for them. As Husband often reminds me, he was only supposed to be in this house about 5 years, at which time he was going to get a different job and sell it, to move on up in the world. I ruined all that by marrying him and causing him to stay in the same place.

This house lacks square rooms, for one thing. There are angled walls all over the place, odd spaces jutting out or cutting off corners. There are three actually square rooms -- the teeny laundry room (which is actually a short hall connecting the kitchen to the garage where someone realised you could JUST fit two laundry machines, if you didn't want to open or close either door) and the bedroom we use for meditation and storage, and the porch we expanded and enclosed a couple of years ago.

Then there's that volume ceiling. Lots of space to heat and cool that you can't live in, lots of places for cobwebs to gather that you need a hydraulic lift to reach, and crummy attics.

Still, I love my house, with all its imperfections and annoyances, and I will continue to love it until the day we sell the damn thing and move into a house with normal ceilings, right angles, and closets.

Did I mention I'm leaving for a cruise in five days? I am. Caribbean and everything. And I'm packing and ironing and sorting and making lists and...I think the dryer is done.

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