Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Cheesepuff Philosophy

In the car last night:

Him: "All Natural Cheese Puffs". What makes them so natural?

Me: MmmPppphh?

Him: What's natural about puffing up cheese? Taking poor little cheeses and blowing them up like that.

Me: I think they are really just corn starch with cheesey powder on them.

Him: Ok, so what's natural about puffed up corn starch with cheesy powder? I mean, is that natural?

Me: Well, the term "all natural" is really meaningless. What is "natural?" Does it mean all things not man made? Yet isn't mankind itself a product of nature? Does it mean things that are grown, not made? But animals will use tools, and they build nests or dig holes and burrows. Ants even farm, to grow food they like. Is that considered natural? Are then things made by man equally as natural?

Him: You are ruining my cheese puff rant with logic.

Me: Watch the road.

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