Thursday, December 30, 2004


I can't even look at the news today. I just can't. If I sold everything I owned and devoted my life to helping, I couldn't make much inpact. I don't really want to do that, either.

I am, however, counting out the change in my change jar (don't laugh, I save a lot of quarters).

In other news...It MUSt be freaking time for the chiropractor, which I don't wanna do because it costs money I don't have. My head it aching down to the middle of my spine and I keep having flashes on my retinas. This is damned annoying. This has been a pricy month, and not just Christmas either. My car needed two new tires, the dryer has to be repaired, there are assorted medical bills to be paid and while I love the two dresses and the bits and pieces I bought for the trip, I could have scraped by without them and saved the money for other things. I bought em on sale so I can't return them.

Mostly my head hurts. Hurts too much to try to sleep it off. Two Aleve aren't helping as much as I'd like them to, and I'm slipping into a dark well of self pity. Feh. I don't even feel much like having my own pity party. I feel like I need to get my vertebrae back in line. Fucking things are deformed, I think. Why should a spine go "out of alignment"? I mean, it's designed to line up, isn't it?

Feh. Maybe I just need a meal. It's been a good 14-15 hours now and I'm not hungry and I didn't finish even drinking my juice this morning. Did do dishes and make some attempts to clean around here. Played Sims for an hour. Did the morning online reading. Bitched and moaned here. Yeah, I seem to be on schedule.

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