Friday, December 03, 2004

Scattered Bits

It's been a fruitful and busy week of what looks to be a busy month. The OCG has two concerts tomorrow, next week is rehearsal and worry and next week it's THE BIG DEAL. After that, I may collapse.

No tree up yet. My room is still a mess, but ONE book shelf is finished. Two more to go.

Most of my time is spent writing, reviewing, thinking about writing, reading, fussing with the pens in my new pen cup (office supplies, whoo hoo!) and writing. It's promising to get a little chilly tonight (by Florida standards, mind you).

Three movies I ordered showed up today -- "The Big Sleep", "Key Largo", and "Meet Me in St. Louis". Yeah, I'm planning a little film fest for myself as soon as I get some hours. Watched "The Big Sleep" again tonight and finally realized that the sense of completion is completely false -- yeah, we learn who killed who, but why? That's sort of fuzzy. Not that this is a big revelation to anyone who's seen the film, but it was news to me. I always was so entranced watching Boghart and Bacall that I forgot all about "plot". Now, that's great acting!

Got one of the "lost" stories retyped and revised today. So, from my summer hard drive disaster, I've only one story to recover from the printed version. The retyping is interesting -- just like I have retyped the work of classic authors to use as scripts and learn a lot by the act of "writing" their words, retyping my own stuff pointed out a lot of things that just didn't show up when I was reading it. I'm kinda looking forward to it.

Ok, that's my life caught up. How about you?

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