Sunday, December 26, 2004

Post Holiday Vegetation

It wasn't so bad. Everyone behaved and unpleasantness was avoided, often through keeping people in separate rooms or even separate houses (Husband's aunt lives just around the corner from Mother In Law).

However, I got Sims 2. I played for, oh, about 14 hours straight. Now, Husband (unable to resist because 1) I have impeccable taste in games 2) because anything he says he has no interest in will become interesting as soon as I stay up all night playing it) is playing, as I demonstrate my great love for him by surrendering the playing disc into his hands. Ah, the sacrifices I make for my marriage.

So I've been a vegetable since about 4 pm Christmas day. Happy me, I don't have to work tomorrow either, so I can waste another day telling little video animated people how to live their lives. They listen only slightly better than real people. However, unlike real people, I can wall them up in little cages until they die if they piss me off. Their pitiful little cried are nothing to me. Besides, the reaper animation is kinda neat.

Oh, I also got the Annotated Sherlock Holmes. I'll be reading that for a while, although the volumes are large so they don't travel. There were a few other trinkets, and one really beautiful item from MIL -- a family heirloom of a box shaped like a large book, made with inlaid wood everywhere. I wish I knew the history of it because it really IS beautiful. It has a tiny skeleton key lock, but no key, so I'm thinking of hitting the local antique restoration hardware market in search of a key that fits.

Good Christmas. I'm going to go kick Husband off of Sims now.

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