Sunday, December 12, 2004

The Post Concert Pale Blues

Ah, yes, it is over. Three concerts in two days is hard work. My legs and feet are very unhappy with me over the whole thing. We had to stand a lot more this concert than last. That's just brutal, standing for an hour at a time.

But, everything went wall all three performances. No significant mistakes, no terrible events. People laughed at the right points and applauded a lot. We got standing ovations at both evening performances and a slightly "rigged" one at the matinee. The "sing along Halleluja Chorus" went off well, but Mr. Director asked everyone to stand to sing along. He forgot that this would leave people standing afterwards, since it was our finale.

Singing with my ensemble went really well each time. I got a lot of compliments from people who've never really heard me sing (except as part of the larger group). I'm debating attempting a solo, and I've been asked by one member to consider a duet. We shall see. Now I've got three weeks before rehearsals start again.

Oh, and Solonor showed up! I haven't seen him in 11 or more years, when we met through a mutual friend, and only in the last year have we started chatting via blog and email. I'm trying to talk him into auditioning for the group. Gay-friendly people are a plus in this chorus. That straight folk will stand and be identified as "gay" takes some of the sting out of it, I think. There are those who feel that it dilutes "identity", but my feeling is it is better to be an individual rather than a minority demographic. If those easy lables get mixed up and messed with, all the better. It makes those folks who like lables have to pause before they speak.

Aside that, the group is a lot of fun. I had more fun this time than last concert, despite my swollen ankles and painful knees. I had a real blast. I feel like part of the group. Husband is working in the support section and we both are making friends and developing a *gasp* social life.

Now it is time to start ernestly cleaning the house for the holidays. Ugh. However, I will be happy to have my house tidy because I'm proud of my home and want to have friends over without having them step over and around things, or not have a clear chair to sit in or a table clean enough to put a plate on. So, tomorrow, entry and dining room and library. Them's my goals for Monday. Tuesday, kitchen. Wednesday, back yard. Thursday, front yard. Friday, family room. Saturday will be the bathrooms, and that should be plenty to carry us through to January. Weeee.

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