Saturday, December 11, 2004

A mystery

Somehow I've managed to be very busy without anything intereasting (aka record worthy) taking place. For example:

All the bookshelves are done and in place and filled. The highlight -- husband whacking himself in the forehead with a board, for no apparant reason.

Christmas tree up, fireplace mantle decorated, lights up in the dining room window. Highlight -- the mystery light strand that worked until I changed a bulb.

Christmas Concert Rehearsals are over and tonight is the first performance. Lots of highlights, all of the 'you had to be there' variety. Oh, and I have a sore throat (of course).

I suppose, after surveying the other weblogs and journals I read regularly, that in order to have something to write about, I must have

1) a negative experience about which I can rant
2) a negative experience about which I can be bitingly sarcastic and funny
3) a negative experience in which I can display my dazzling wit
4) a negative experience that makes me feel miserable
5) a positive experience that is extreme, or somehow funny

It's hard to write about general contentment, happiness, or just the mundanity of living one day after another. I don't see my life in the appropriate terms, I suppose.

Oh, I am looking forward to our cruise in January, and trying very hard not to daydream about it. I guess that will have some memorable events, although I'd really perfer that nothing bad happen to be annoying.

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