Wednesday, December 29, 2004

La La La

Despite the fact that my overwhelming response to the growing disaster in SE Asia is to stick my fingers in my ears, close my eyes and sing "LA LA LA LA LA" loudly, some news does creep in. LIke this little note from Dan.

Nothing humbles and shakes us like a disaster, when our illusions about ourselves and our lives come smack up against the indifference and power of our planet. Whether you are at the epicenter or safely tucked in your bed at home, if you are aware at all, you feel that humility and that fear.

I"m trying not to pay attention because guilt will crush me. I can't really donate money to them. I'm going on a cruise, planned months ago, paid for months ago, and that's where my money went. There ain't no more. So I"m putting my personal pleasure above helping desperate people.

Of course, in reality we are all doing that, since there are desperate people everywhere, all the time. Once you head down that road, you've got a few choices -- become another Mother Theresa, kill yourself because of the inability to be another Mother Theresa, or just stick your fingers in your ears when it gets to be too much and self-preserving instincts overcome altruistic impulses.

I really recommend "LA LA LA LA", although old TV theme songs work, too.

UPDATE: Solly has a list of places to give, if you are so inclined and able. I've been seeing reactions pop up on other sites as well -- Sole Prop and Rien, for instance.

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