Monday, December 20, 2004

All kinds of appealing

For Florida, it's freaking ass cold. It's 3 in the afternoon and our high today was 49 degreens (That 9 celcius for you in civilized areas). Mind you, last week it was in the mid 70's, so this is quite a swing down the thermometer. They are expecting freezing temperatures tonight.

I live in the subtropics for a reason. It isn't SUPPOSED to get cold like this. We aren't constructed for it. I don't own the right socks, for one thing (well, I do, but I have to dig them out of storage.) This place is designed for temps in the 90's.

I guess it just comes on top of the hurricanes. Our roof is scheduled for repair in January. Whooo hoo! Lots of our neighbors still have blue tarps . They reflect the Christmas lights nicely.


Strangest realization of the weekend -- now that I'm more or less turning into the person I was becoming back before the Big Dark Depression, Husband is having some difficulties adjusting. He's spent the last few years dealing with Dark, Drab, Depressed Sherri and my gear shift in the last few weeks has left him sort of paddling around in the shallow end, wondering what happened.

Never thought of that. Depression is a family affair.

Anyway, my house is pleasingly clean and organized. It smells good and everything. I'm so jazzed about this that I'm baking. Oh no, making 4 apple pies (and yes, I actually peel and slice the apples and make the filling myself. The only modern convenience I use is the Insta-Piecrust because...well, damn, it takes magic I don't have to make a pie crust from scratch and why torment myself? Who knew combining flour and shortening could be so DIFFICULT?) I even pressed the poor Husband-man into housework. I think he's recovering still.

Now I'm slowing down a bit, relaxing more, and thinking about that room across the house where I'm supposed to write. I want to write. I'm feeling ansey about it. I'm gonna put dishes in the dishwasher, a load of towels in the washing machine, and then... I think I'll read a book. Yeah. Haven't done THAT in a week or more. Might watch a movie ALL THE WAY THROUGH. Haven't done THAT in even longer.

My thoughts are actually skipping right past Christmas (which is not shaping up into a day I'm going to enjoy) to January, when Husband and I will be CRUISING. The whole idea of a week on a cruise ship, traveling through the Carribean, is all kinds of appealing.

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