Monday, November 08, 2004


I have developed a geeky and rather lame, but noe the less busy, social life. I look upon it in amazement.

Monday - Rehearsal to night with a member of my ensemble. We are thinking about singing at a local venue or two, potentially for money. We will see.

Tuesday - Watching Movies of Jane Austen novels and going over the books for scenes to read at an upcoming "Austen Tea" at the bookstore.

Wednesday - Chorus rehearsal

Thursday - NERO stuff with C, then CoH group activity (this is the most geeky day, but I am no less committed to it).

Friday -- potentially hooking up for Godzilla-fest with an old friend who recently resurfaced, before he heads back to Tokyo.

I am not used to having this much activity. Yes, I know there are folks out there to whom my schedule looks like a lazy weekend, but I'm usually a creature of my own hearth. I like my house and tend to stay in it, like a hermit crab. I've always been this way, but the invention of the Internet has just made it that much easier.

Speaking of City of Heroes, no, I have not outgrown or gotten over that particular childishness. I'm still all about it. In fact, I'm getting the Special Edition DVD version, with the extra in-game goodies and the Hero-clix model of Statesman. Just because.

Stop looking at me like that. You're just jealous.

So far, I've managed to reach level 25 with one character, after much dedicated work. There's a huge history built into the game world that pops up now and again, which really adds depth to the game for me. There is so much going on that even though you may go on the same mission with various groups over and over, they are never identical missions. And they keep adding new bits and pieces to the game. ALthough really I'd enjoy a little less constant combat and a little more detective work -- there are limits to game software, I realize -- I'm still enjoying FLYING and now I have a CAPE and...well, it's all fun.

If only I could make a living at it.

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