Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Shoe Dropping Time

Got up this morning, went to the polls, waited in line -- except that Husband and I only had one of the voting guides we'd gotten, and he took it, so where I couldn't remember who we'd picked for local office, I guessed. He said that some of the names didn't appear on the guide, so he didn't vote at all. Considering the state of politics as I view them, I'm not sure that either approach is better.

However, it is done, and with very little pain. Now there is only ignoring the hype until the final decision is made -- which, I fervently hope, will be before the end of the week.

You know, if Florida is once more the focus state of electorial nonsense, I betcha Jeb will be hauled under the microscope. Twice in a row is suspicious.

Husband and I were running around a lot this weekend, and we listened to This American Life. The show was on undecided voters, and if it had a Democratic/Liberal/Kerry-esque slant, that might have been pure perception (or perhaps Republicans were not interested in being interviewed for the show). The most interesting part was a segment on voter fraud throughout the US, attempts of representatives of both parties to cheat, lie, and steal the right to vote (not the votes themselves, mind you, but the ability to vote) from selected people. It AMAZED me that this kind of stuff goes on, and that there are those who obviously think it is not only ok, but won't be noticed!

Perhaps the "crisis" we have in our system is necessary to wake us up from the complasancy decended upon us in the last 20+ years. Politics and the electoral process were never highly spoken of when I was growing up. No one in particular encouraged me, wanted to talk to me, or tried to educate me. My father would not register to vote because he did not want to serve on a jury. I registered when I was 18, but I've only voted in 3 elections since then. (I would have voted last year, but I had the flu and decided not to share the germs -- aside from not being able to drive myself.) It is easy for something we do not value to be taken away. Time to think about that.

In any case, I've voted and I'm not going to pay the slightest attention to anything concerning the election until tomorrow. While I have a candidate of choice, what I REALLY want is a clear election. That's what I want, either way.

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