Saturday, November 20, 2004

Penguin Drag

Tuxedo shirt, with the stiff collar and cuffs. Shirt studs (only 3 because that's all I have). Cuff links. Bow tie (the semi real ones that clip around the neck). Cumberbund. Long velvet skirt, flat shoes.

That's official "Penguin Drag" for my career with the OGC. Gotta make some changes.

First, the sleeves be too long -- I can fix that, but it's all annoying. Neck actually fits, but you still feel like you are choking because the collar is so stiff. I've got makeup all over it. So, clean the collar, get an extender button so I can turn my head.

The shoes aren't bad, but aren't great. I need some that don't have a little rhineston buckle on them also. Eh, for $20 on short notice, they worked.

The concert today was at the Orlando Museum of Art in the Rotunda next to the giant Chiully glass statue. The rotunda area has a skylight and so half the stage area was bright and hot, half was cool and shady. Guess in which part I (and most of the tenors) were standing? I have no idea if we sounded good as I could hardly hear anything. Concerts go so fast that it's hard to remember more than flashes, like snapshots. I couldn't see our director most of the time for the glare. Still, 30 minutes later I was tie-less and happy.

But that tux shirt -- gotta fix that tux shirt.

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