Wednesday, November 10, 2004

O Canada!

Friends of mine are seriously considering making the move to Canada because of the election. They are going to Toronto to check it out. They are going in December.


One of them was from Wisconsin and gave away all her winter clothes when she moved down here.


Husband and I talked about it in the car.

Me: "We could move to Canada."
Him: "Yeah, we could do that."
Me: "It's cold there."
Him: "We'd have to buy winter clothes and stuff."
Me: "Is it any more expensive to live there than here?"
Him: "I guess you pay as much for heat as you do here for A/C."
Me: "The bacon's better."
Him: "We shouldn't. We just spent two years getting Mom to move down here."
Me: "Oh yeah, that would be sort of shitty of us to move north just as she gets within an hour of us. I'm looking forward to a Mom-less winter."
Him: "If we moved to Canada, she'd be spending the summers with us."
Me: "We are staying in Florida."

Bush has nothing on my mother-in-law.

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