Tuesday, November 23, 2004


The bad side of deciding to clean one's house pre-holiday is

1) being revolted by how much of a pig Husband and I are all year.
2) finding things that worry, distract, or revolt you.
3) knowing there is far more to clean than will get cleaned.
4) realising you have to clean something before you can even get close to cleaning something else -- multiple times.

So far, I have been battling paper. The pack rat gene runs strong in Husband and me, and thus Bits 'o Paper do collect on flat surfaces, in boxes, in bags, under furniture -- everywhere but in the garbage or the proper file. Since we run our own business, there's additional paperwork that must be filed and maintained. There is also junk mail. Catalogs, fliers, offers for credit cards -- you know the stuff. We get it to our personal address and to the business address, twice as much.

Our garbage men should be impressed. I've been ripping and shredding for hours. I am only halfway through the pile, though, and I still haven't filed anything. It's just gone into that optimistic "to be filed" pile. Still, there's progress...although I have been dreading the walk to the mail box.

The living room has managed to stay more or less together since I cleaned it last week. the dining room is showing potential, as the top of the table is now clearly visible. The kitchen is sort of transitional. The kitchen table is still lost under great piles of stuff that must go elsewhere.

Then there is the Garage.

I don't normally go into the Garage if I can avoid it. Husband has his workshop in there and it is usually saw-dust covered Hell. But today I had to go and I realized that under all the saw dust is a huge, throbbing, bloated pile of GARBAGE that must be tossed. Beneath the mass that is the Beast in the Garage are smaller creatures that laugh evily when I go by. Husband can speak to them with impunity, but I am tormented by the sudden fall of a rake handle or the nudge of a bucket into my path. I'm not going back in there until the place has been exorsized.

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