Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Death Defying Vacuum Stunts

I have memories of me getting more done. I have memories of me popping (ok, sliding) out of bed and being ready to do something more with my day than staring at a computer screen or a televisions screen.

Maybe they were implanted.

I have nothing in particular pressing me -- no work until my computer is repaired and returned there -- so my days are mostly free, yet I accomplish so little. Just can't seem to find whatever it is that makes me do things that need doing.

Oh who knows? Reading over this, I hear the echoes of the depressed. Damn it all, depression is like cancer -- silent and sneaky and - WHOOMP - there you are, needing drugs. It creeps through everything, sending tendrils into every part of your life and sucking the sap out of you.

It is also disgustingly hard to combat single handedly. I am angry that I can't. This is not productive, either.

I need to cut the sugar down. Sugar, my drug of choice, is not a good thing. It's a temp fix but the aftereffects -- the lethargy, the brainlessness, the need for more -- I should be able to skip that. I actually do pretty good on vegies, as long as their is brocolli.

And the weather is cooling, oh loverly, which is always an energy booster for me. Florida Fall is all 80's, but Florida winter varies (Ok, it can hardly be called winter by some of you, but then you don't get anything like what I'd call summer, so let's just not go there) from the 30's to the 80's (and on rare occasions, even hotter.) Ah, the sub-tropical zones. You know you'll be wishing you were here around January, when I finally take my one pair of wooly socks out for their once a year wearing. You'll be wishing you were here with the blue skies and the brown lawns and the still green trees and the days in the 60-70 range and nights in the 50-60 range. I know it, because so many of you come down here just at that time and jam up all the restaurants.

So much going on this month -- A mini-concert with the chorus at the art museum, a birthday party, Miss S's Wedding (Do I now call her Mrs. S? Oh lordie), NERO stuff I have responsibilies for but won't be attending due to conflicts, and Thanksgiving which I think we are mostly skipping in favor of massive housework. December has long been the month of Panic Cleaning because MIL will be arriving any day. Well, there is no more Panic Cleaning going on in my life, but I always like the fact that the house is CLEAN for the holidays -- at least 70% of it -- and that part I'm not giving up on. I may have to hide Husband's computer to get him out of his easy-chair, and I will have to discipline myself, but those things can be conquered -- especially if I get some stuff done in the daylight hours.

Which is what I am going to do now. I'll report back with my successes later, unless the vacuum kills me.

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