Wednesday, November 17, 2004

And now, the dishes

I survived cleaning the living room. Hurray me! There is still so much to do, not that it will get done today, but I can start on it.

That's the part where I start bitching and feeling overwhelmed. So much to do, actually. Take the old laptop out, clean the programs off in prep for donation tonight, and find all the disks that go with it. Work on some NERO stuff I don't THINK I owe yet but can't remember. Clean the kitchen as part of the "step-by-step" housecleaning. Prep for rehearsal tonight. Hope the roofers show for the estimate.

Ah, roofers are king in Florida right now. If you see three people talking, chances are they are exchanging the phone numbers of roofers. Roofing companies are inundated with calls, so many that they don't call back. Most of these outfits are run by one guy who has a crew and a cell phone. So many roofs you see are still covered with bright blue tarps and lathing strips. Those roofs that aren't either have a heavier-than-contractor-cheapshit roofing tile or have a slightly mangy look. People get excited when they get a possible date for the replacement/repair. Right now, we figure if we get the estimate this week, we might get the replacement in February some time. And we will be happy about it. There are a LOT of damaged roofs around this state.

Come June, all the roofers will be on vacation somewhere expensive.

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