Monday, October 11, 2004

Rain on a Monday

seems like a cliche.

Tonight the OGC is going to sing on the steps of Orlando City Hall in support of something I've only got the vaguest notion of name on -- the UCF GLBT group is having a "coming out day" celebration. This is all I know. I wonder if I will be one of the few people there who isn't represented in the call letters.

I've come to realize that, unless it personally involves me, I don't give a flying freak who you have sex with, at least as far as gender, race and ethnicity are involved. I' ve got some issues about sex between adults and minors, and nonconsensual, and stuff like that. But after those are taken out, I really, really, REALLY don't care.

Most of all, I wish it wasn't a political issue.

This weekend the Science Channel reran "The Day The Universe Changed", that James Burke series from the 80's and one thing he discussed was how we feel safe in our rules so that we codify them into laws and traditions and are willing to fight and kill and die for them -- but that we will change them if the money is better. I spent some time thinking about it and I can't refute it.

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