Thursday, September 23, 2004

More Summer Reruns - and it's Fall!

There was a time (long ago before cable TV) when summer television was nothing but reruns and movies-of-the-week, interrupted by baseball. I think the logic then was that in summertime, no one was staying inside to watch TV, so why bother with programming anything new?

Now, however, we live in a world where time of year has much less effect on television viewing. While reruns still exist, they tend to migrate to "TVLand" and independent stations. New TV shows have such a short initial life span that you can't even get interested in them before they are cancelled, much less see a rerun in the summer to be sure.

I wish someone would tell that to The Weather Channel

Ivan is reborn? That storm IS Jason. Now it's heading for Texas as a tropical storm. It's just unbelievable. And Jeanne (my namesake) is circling back around for a second stab at the East Coast. ("South Florida? Nobody rained on South Florida. It's fresh meat!")

One thing about Florida -- the weather is ALWAYS good for a blog entry.

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