Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Ya mind? I'm dyin' here!

UGH! Summer colds. What are they, a special mutated form of virii that thrives on suntan oil, hotdogs and beachsand? Not that I've been anywhere near the aformentioned items. Oh no, I'm an all A/C, all the time sort of girl. Which means said germs are lurking in the A/C vents, right?

In any case, I STILL have a cold that has me by the throat. Husband also has a cold -- he got it first and started on the herbs and vitamens and suppliments and nagging ME about taking a handful of healthpills, which I grudgingly did (well, a few). Then I went to the accupuncurist who gave me Chinese herbs and needles so I could sing this weekend, which worked just fine. Only now I'm paying for it. Sort of a cold on credit, a delay payment plan.

If I could breathe, I might understand what I wrote.

So I am spreading my germs around, too, because obviously you have to go to work with a cold (well, I stayed home Monday for the good of my coworkers). I've got the can of Lysol spray I keep in the office for just such a purpose and lay a stinky, distinfecting barrier down on my computer, phone, chair and air before I leave. It entertains the little germies, I'm sure.

What else am I doing? Playing too much City of Heroes. The latest update has some goodies in it, although the much touted and looked-forward-to ability to redesign your character was a bit of a letdown. Rumors talked of new options, but there was nothing. Bah. I want new hair.

They also included some new "emotes" - animations you can run with your cartoon avatar. The most popular appears to be "dance" and "boombox". Picture a crowd of multicolored super heros, some with horns, some with helmets, standing in a plaza all rocking out to assorted music. Those who can do it while standing inside a force field or a flame aura. You can't dance while flying, though. Must speak to them about that. There's a definate need for flying animations.

Aside from all that, I've finally gotten one character to 20th level. So, only 30 levels (at this point) to go before I top out. Sure, yeah, right...time to play another character up a few levels, I think.

What, there's life away from my video game? Surely, you jest. There is only the Video Game, the A/C, and...the cold germ. Bah.

Monday, June 28, 2004


It has occured to me that in a scant two months I will have had this particular slice of the web all to myself for a year. A full year.

Obviously that makes it time for a template upgrade.

As much as I love B-squared's design, and as appreciative of his hard work as I am, I suspect that he more than anyone will understand the desire to change things around and make a new landscape to house the spouting idiocy. He is, after all, the crown prince of the site redesign. (he's on hiatus at the moment, so I can get away with that for a few more days.)

IN any case, you have been warned. I'm thinking about something involving toast.

Post June

Half a year gone. Wow.

The concerts went well. If you were able to attend, thanks! I hope you enjoyed it. If you didn't - what's your problem? Live out of state or something?

Strangely enough, after 11 weeks of rehearsal each week, I really didn't get to talk to folks until this weekend before performance and during the break. I actually TALKED with people. I wasn't the only person to make this observation as well. I'm going to continue with the chorus through next season. It will be easier not being a "newbie".

Now I'm trying to get over this COLD which I caught (of course) just in time to perform. Bah and bah and hack-hack-cough. Yuck.

I feel like I was either singing or sleeping the whole weekend. Oh, I also zapped some digital badguys on City of Heroes. What? You thought I was over that? Oh, so foolish a hope! No no, working on bringing a character up to level 20 right now, then planning on spending time with some of my other characters to level them up, and then...oh, who knows?

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Pause -- rewind

Justice Dept. Repudiates Memo on Torture

Ok, no one has said definitively that Bush ORDERED torture for Iraqi prisoners, or for the "detainees" at Guantanamo, but...

Wasn't torturing people one of the reasons for attacking Iraq in the first place? I mean, isn't that on the list of crimes for Saddam?

It's getting weirder and weirder around here.

And SHE said...

nothing much. There simply isn't a lot going on that is bloggable.

Oh, there's stuff going ON, but...either it isn't the kind of stuff I'm willing to dump on an unsuspecting reader, or it's fairly dull if you aren't there, or it doesn't compose itself into tidy little paragraphs.

Hm. The Husband and I are having, in some strange fashion, the "honeymoon period" we SHOULD have had when we were married, only when we were married, his Mother (the MIL) was staying with us for the winter (and staying, and staying...) which put an amazing clamp on libido. Eleven years later, it occurs to us that MIL is NOT in the house the rest of the year. *duh*

Hhehheh, of course it is more complicated than that. What, you think I am one of THOSE webwriters? I find my sex life interesting. I neither expect anyone else to, nor intend to test for it.

So what else? Doing a lot of research on Regency England for this damn, damn, DAMN book that insists I write it. I'm not a romance writer. I'm not a romance READER -- the number of romances I've read in my life are limited compared to many and highly restricted to particular authors and particular types. In general, the average paperback tome with the shirtless viril man with Fabio's hair and the windblown woman positioned to look as if she's being embraced but is actually showing her breasts to to some invisible person behind her can send me into helpless laughter just reading the back cover blurbs out loud. I don't believe in that sort of stuff, I don't imagine it or find it the least bit intriguing, so I don't read it.

So why I've been taken over as I have and forced by my Muse to write this particular story, I don't know. The story itself is a theme I've written on many, many times (which is its own puzzle not to be explored here). Maybe I'm just experimenting with the Historical form. I expect this story to be embarrassing.

Oh, and the concert is this weekend, which is perfect timing for me to develop a sore throat. Feh.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Never said nuthin'

Oh, how I wish I had a list of weblogs, newsblogs, and commentaries that pointed out:

1) There was no cited link between Iraq and 9/11
2) It was trumped up by the Bush admin to justify going into Iraq
3) It would all come back to bite Bush Jr in the ass one day.
4) He'll defend it to the end because it was the best excuse he had.

Bush Disputes al Qaida-Saddam Conclusion

He's got to back up what he said. Of course the commission that contradicts him is wrong. HE never said those actual words, right? It's all a matter of interpretation, sort of like putting a definition on what "sex" is when the President says "I never had sex with that woman." If it were only a sex scandel -- at least with that no one got killed. Yeah, presidential sex scandles are much much better than this stuff.

Somewhere several hundred people are bouncing up and down saying "I TOLD you so!"

I'll go back to my jaded apolitical stance now.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


That's the number on this post, according to the latest info. I'm reasonably impressed.

Living out of sync with the world is a little unsettling. Today I actually woke up in time to go to work, and then decided I really didn't want to sit in my little office staring at numbers in a spread sheet if I could avoid it for one more day. I feel quite isolated from things outside the house -- I haven't as much as walked out of the yard since we got home Sunday night.

I have rehearsal tonight (pause for plug -- The Orlando Gay Chorus will have it's sumemr concert on June 26-27. You can hit the website for ticket information. I'll be in the first tenor section pretending to sing.) Yeah, I know, I'm not gay. I'm not a first tenor either. These are the compromises one makes for music.

It's a little complicated to be a part of a group banded together for music and politics. Sexual politics, that is. Everything is all about gay rights, gay visibility, gay this and that, which really isn't a problem. I'm a minority in this group, so I deal. I'm one of the token straight people so the gay people can be all about diversity and so forth.

However, if that not-so-attractive fella in the baritone section calls me a "breeder" again, I know of about 4 lesbians, plus my husband, who desire to explain to him the errors of his ways. *sigh* I reserve nasty epitethets and namecalling for when I'm in my car and hate everyone equally. I don't even THINK in "us or them" terms -- people of various sexual, racial, spiritual and political views have been a part of my life as far back as I can remember and I do my best to deal on a person by person basis. I'm still a little stunned at how much the term insulted and upset me. It's been two weeks ago and I'm still bothered.

And no, this isn't my first experience with being called a name, or being picked on, or anything like that. Sheesh, I was a fat, smart girl in glasses and braces, in band, science club and chorus, with a big ol' crush on Mr. Spock. What part of this spells popular to you?

Simple rule -- calling other people insulting or dehumanizing names is not a good way to encourage them to think of you favorably. It's amazing how few folks have this figured out.

Anyway, despite lackign enough women in the chorus to have soprano and alto sections, the chorus sounds pretty damn good. I completely love our director, Terry. He's wild and intense and great to work with. I just wish I SOUNDED better. Singing out of my range, in keys that don't exactly offer me much flexibility or force me to bounce between octaves isn't really offering me the musical outlet I'd hoped to have. AH, well. There is another chorus I could audition for, but I'm not really interested in doing classical and sacred music. Besides they rehearse in a church, and lightening would strike me sooner or later.

This is Florida. My odds on the lightening thing are high to start.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Sweet Sleep

I've been running on short sleep of late, which means now I'm being a total slacker and sleeping far too much. Well, "too much" is a relative statement. I'm sleeping a LOT. How about that?

I really like sleeping. I'm good at it. I don't get into trouble while I'm doing it. I usually have interesting dreams. Of course, sometimes my dreams get boring and I mean BORING. I dream about mundane things, like going back to the place I worked 11 years ago and seeing odd changes like huge chandelers hanging in the offices, but that's about it. Dreaming about wandering a well lit, somewhat untidy series of shared office spaces is boring. I bored myself awake.

Come to think of it, I'm not all that much more interesting when I'm awake. At least I didn't dream about grocery shopping or folding socks.

Friday, June 11, 2004


to eat a Dorito today.

Ain't happening. My dissapointment cannot be expressed in words.

In other news on the braces front (now that they are the center of my life, and therefore, obviously of great importance to you)I have moved up to semi-solids. I just wish my teeth would stop MOVING.

Sunday, June 06, 2004


I nearly killed a dental technician on Friday. She's the same one that did my x-rays and started with the spacers in my teeth. She's young, she's rather careless, and she sees patients as, at most, sources of money and annoyance. We certainly aren't human beings.

She's trying to find bands to fit on my molars while discussing with the other technician how her father is trying to control her career. Now, not only is this not something that needed discussing in front of me (she was quite angry), it did not need discussing while she was ramming metal rings into my gums. After a few minutes of it, I bit her glove, pulled her fingers out of my mouth, and asked her to do this when she was a little less angry.

The other technician took over for a while, then Blondie the Barbarian was back for the rest of the procedure. She was MUCH more careful and attentive and the rest of the morning wasn't so bad.

And I apologised to her for yelling at her. I didn't actually yell, and I don't really think I was out of line, but I still did it. Damned training.

Anyway, I've only got the metal torture devices on my upper teeth. The lower set will be installed in a few months, when my overbite is more in line. (You know. I didn't even realize I had a severe overbite. Yes, I have one -- always have -- and now I REALLY have one. The Husband says my duck lip is cute. I'll live with it.) After having the Husband clip off an overlong wire in the back of my mouth (You don't discover these things while you are there. You discover these things while you are eating and suddenly your cheek is impaled and pinned from within your mouth.) The wire in question stuck out far enough for him to take jewler's wire cutters and snip it off (Much Better). I'm being poked and scraped by sharp metal quite enough, thank you.

Other things I've realized -- my upper jaw is not symmetrical. No, the right side is definately a shorter curve than the left side, demonstrated by the facts that 1) the little wire closer on the band that rests inside the tooth rubs constantly and irritatingly on my tongue, which the other side does not, and 2) that the right side teeth meet and clank on the metal band where the left side teeth don't actually meet. I've been chewing like a cow for years and didn't know.

Oh, one last note. I got purple bands. Dark purple. They entertain me.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

A Last Hurrah

Once again, I face a Last Day. I'm never sure how to feel about such things. Sometimes they are great, others are not so.

Anyway, today is my Last day (for a long while) with the Current State of Teeth. This means spacers come out tomorrow. This means Braces go on.


NO, no pictures. Uh uh.

A friend (who had braces) pointed out to me the lack of teasing I've gotten about the impending torment. Her theory? Most people who had braces get severe flashbacks when they think about it. KNowing someone is getting them a second time brings a new level of horror to their reality. They are too busy cringing and shivering to think up a nasty or clever remark.

Yeah, I think she's right.