Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Well duh!

Britney Spears tops the current "hate" sites you can Google. (This link may change -- I can't locate a stable url).

It used to be the Spice Girls.

While it's a sad commentary on modern life that people have to put so much energy and time into something like hating a pop-star, it's not surprising, really. Few things are universally popular (I can think of "air" as pretty much a world wide favorite and even then I'm certain there are those who don't like breathing but just can't give it up). For anything some find wonderful there are those who just can't stand it. The more frivilous it is, the more fun it is to hate it.

It would be so much more effective to simply ignore such things. Even hating Britney is spending time thinking about her, writing about her, and encouraging others to come to her defense.

Of course, the bigger the thing is, the harder this sort of withdrawing is to do. Take war, for example. If you were anti-war and could literally remove all your energy from a war effort, you'd be removing your money (taxation to support a military), your work (nothing you did would directly or indirectly support weaponry or defense industries), your thoughts (you would not read war news, study past or current war, or work on war-related technology. You would not discuss anything concerning war.) and your time (all your energies would go toward peace encouraging efforts -- not "anti-war" because that would be acknowleding war and lending it your energies via thought. You'd have to figure out what was peace promoting and put everything in that direction).

Practically impossible, and for an individual, relatively innocuous. However, if many, MANY people did it -- somehow managing to maintain control over all their output energies in all the myriad forms it takes -- it would go a long way toward eliminating warlike activity. Of course, then you'd come up directly against all those people directing all their energies TOWARD war -- but at least there would be few, if any, fence sitters.

This works, of course, only if you subscribe to the idea that everything is energy of some kind and that energies of all kinds can be directed by the human will. Even better, if you go along with the idea that we make our own reality based on our collective thoughts, and thoughts with enough group energy behind them become realities.

Now that I've solved the world's problems, I think I'll get another Diet Pepsi and not think about Britney Spears anymore.

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