Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Space here for pun

Oh *drip, drip*, I am SO *drip, drip* relieved. Michael Jackson may not have molested a child. *drip, drip, drip*

Let me wipe up that sarcasm. Didn't mean to get it all over the weblog.

*sigh* I could give a rat's ass about The Faceless One, but child sexual abuse is a subject that rouses my ire. When one mixes fame and money into the situation, it gets even more muddy. Who's really doing the abuse here?

Ok, let's say that ol' Mikey *didn't* do anything untoward with this boy. It is still time he stopped the nonsense and acted responsibly. No more sleepovers. If you want to have a slumber party for your kids and their friends, that's fine. The kids sleep in one room and the grownups sleep in another. And absolutely everyone keeps their hands above the covers and their pajamas buttoned. Done.

And if we assume that ol' Mikey didn't show off his "special fun ride" to this boy, then I'd have to say his mother is doing the abuse by convincing/persuading/coercing the boy into SAYING he was abused. The child is being used to get money.

If Mike did abuse this boy, it's time he was put away. There's no more to it than that. What this particular report might then mean is that the boy was persuaded to NOT admit what happened, once again in hopes of possible monetary gain. His mother might have thought that if she hushed it up, Mike might cough up some "gratitude" and when he didn't, she sought to bring retribution upon him by revealing the truth -- not that this exculpates her in any way.

So I'm thinking there are at least two adults at fault in this situation no matter what is happening. At least one abusive adult is causing harm to this child. It's not a good situation. In fact, there's no way to LOOK at this without noticing how twisted it is.

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