Friday, December 19, 2003

Shiny New Day

D-day -2

Mother In Law Arrives in approximately 48 hours. She will probably be early. She's already moved it up by a whole day. Sheesh.

We had planned to do a show this weekend, but not NOW. No, now is the moment when Panic Cleaning must begin.

So far, actually, things aren't too bad. We've been gradually making the house a cleaner, gentler place all year. There's a pile of stuff for Good Will, and once that's gone, it's mostly putting things away and vacuuming. So we should have it done to a reasonable level by bed tonight, and we can finish up things on Sunday. Saturday we will still be doing the show, but only one day's worth. That's going to be a load of work. No matter how mininal we try to go. it's just always a lot of work.

In other positive news, the hearth is done. It looks like this.

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