Monday, December 15, 2003

Second Star On The Right

It's about time! I've been curious about the upcoming Peter Pan movie because it looked -- different. Different from Disney, and certainly different from Hook (which tried hard to take a solid poke at the original ideas and sort of floundered around in Dustin Hoffman's ruffled shirts and Robin William's sincerity).

I've never thought this was a simple story. There's nothing simple about being a child and facing those transitional years of puberty. I find it amazing as many of us survive it as we do -- and I suspect that many survivors are really walking wounded, still carting around everything that happened in junior high and high school. Even now, with it all 20 years behind me, I am sometimes surprised that other people think I am an adult. So am I, honestly.

Anyway, philosophy aside, this looks quite good. I'll pin a hope on it and see what happens.

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