Tuesday, December 16, 2003

The Real Psychic Network

Sylkenvelvet (4:27:54 PM): Oh, important note. No one likes the bottomless abyss
Xkot (4:28:09 PM): what kind are we talking about?
Sylkenvelvet (4:28:39 PM): well, just in general. If you meet up with a bottomless abyss, chances are you won't like it. Not even if it offers you donuts.
Xkot (4:29:12 PM): if it's really bottomless it might not be so bad. i'd rather fall into a bottomless one than one with a very hard rocky bottom
Sylkenvelvet (4:29:53 PM): I dunno. Is it better to starve to death while falling because you didn't grab those donuts on your way down, or just going "splat" and getting it over with?
Sylkenvelvet (4:30:00 PM): and then there's windburn
Xkot (4:30:01 PM): though starving to death while having constant wind burn might suck
Xkot (4:30:01 PM): lol

Sylkenvelvet (4:30:06 PM): LOL!
Sylkenvelvet (4:30:15 PM): MY brain wave! Mine mine MINE!

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