Saturday, December 13, 2003

I am the fairy godmother

Miss S went out on the town last night.

We spent the afternoon shopping. It's a little awkward for Miss S to shop locally, as she still has her "secret identity" to protect. Usually we travel further from home, but she is constantly trying to make things convenient for me and so chose to visit our local mall. Pheh. I don't even much like our local mall. If I'm looking for something, chances of it being at the local mall aren't good. They have a Books-a-Dozen, a pseudo mega-bookstore that has annoyed me so many times that not only do I hate going into it, I'm not even going to link it up here. Not only does it never have what I'm looking for, it hires illiterates who don' t know how to shelve books. Pheh, I say.

After that, it was home so she could relax and begin preparations. There was the Adventure of the Manicure. There was the Trial of the False Eyelashes. There was the Battle of the Body Shaper. The Triumph of Perfect Eyebrows. So many milestones to reach until Miss S stood before us, fabulous in her near-perfection.

Husband was her escort to a club that has a well known drag show. I got some update phone calls but it was about 3:30 when the two tired but happy party people reappeared. I was dozing under a cat when they arrived but got up to eat the donut presented and hear the stories. I shall let her relate all that.

Still, although I couldn't go, I was "invoked" for the good job on her makeup I did, and her perfect hair -- I seem to have a talent for styling it. Today we must convert her back to her mundane "normal" identity, the one that goes to work and may not have beautiful red painted nails. Ah, but I'd think trying to be that fabulous all the time would be exhausting. It's so much a costume.

There will be a day in the future, however, when Miss S will go with me and probably her Mom for lunch and shopping. We just have to get her some decent shoes. Four inch *fuck me* heels are all fine and good, but they are for posing in, not for walking in.

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