Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Good news

Peter Jackson is talking about Bringing 'The Hobbit' to the Screen. I'm for it. There aren't so many actor crossovers between LotR and Hobbit as it make it all weird and such, and, well, I've got memories of other attempts to expunge.

Right now he's working on King Kong remake. I've seen the original a number of times, but only experienced
the 1976 version one time and wasn't happy about it. ("Dwan"? Please.) But I have an undying love for guys in rubber monster suits so I'm game for another round.

There was a 1962 version of the movie made in India. Um.

Of course, my favorite King Kong movie was King Kong Vs Godzilla, most especially for the tail swinging scene. Whoo hoo! And the giant Blue Screen Octopus attack. Gotta love it.

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