Thursday, November 06, 2003

True confessions

Ok, I have to be open about this. I love Adam Sessler. He's one of the hosts of X-play on Tech TV. He's the goofy blond one with the remarkable lack of social skills.

And I love him.

He's a rebel.

He's the epitomy of goofy nerd boy. He's always picked last. He's got a lot of very serious minor problems, not the least of which is a weirdly understandable fixation on fudge. He's got a slightly whiny voice that he can make into a terribly whiny voice. He's skinny and pale and his hair sticks up -- rather like Calvin's.

Adam Sessler. Adam Sessler. *sigh* He'll never, ever know how I feel.

Ok, Adam is a gamer geek who's made good. He's hosting a TV show that requires him to play video games, give his opinion about them, and occasionally be extremely goofy on camera. He's also working with the scarily anime Morgan Webb. Morgan is turning into an anime character. The eyes, the hair, the bright yet pastel clothing, the high voice, the big happy smile, the deathdealing -- it scares me. Adam is the target for most of her aggression. He's sort of hapless. He's a victim of his own impulses as well a Weeble of the universe. It keeps flicking him in the head because he keeps getting up.

I don't completely understand the attraction, either. Some things surpass understanding.

On the other hand, he's got a wicked sense of humor and a fairly bitter line running through him -- the geek who knows he's in the sites of every jock in school and who's pissed off about it even as he's resigned to his fate. He's articulate. He's astute. He makes me laugh.

Alright, I'll be honest, I'm not going to leave my husband for Adam. First, he's a little too young, and while I am a believer in training men from a young age, I'm sort of passed it now. I've invested too much time and effort into my current husband and he's doing really well. I'm not even going to stalk Adam on his webcam. San Francisco is a long long way from here. It wouldn't work anyway. I don't play enough video games. We'd have to share the sunscreen and the fudge.

But I will type his name here, over and over. Adam Sessler. Adam Sessler. Adam Sessler. Adam Sessler.

Oh Adam, I adore you!

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